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A Prayer to Restore the Latin Mass

O' Jesus, we believe Thou art truly present in the most Blessed Sacrament.

We honor Thee here on this altar and all the altars throughout the world.

We pray that the sacred traditions of our faith and worship, which nourished and sanctified us and all the saints through the ages, triumph over the present age beset by doubt, confusion, division , instability and the love of novelty.

We fervently pray that the Latin Mass, which manifests outstanding faith, love, and reverence and devotion in Thy Real Presence be restored to its proper place of honor and glory it once had in the age-old tradition of our faith, and that Thy presence, in the most Blessed Sacrament be restored to its proper place of honor at the center of the main altar and always be at the center of our hearts.

Father, we humbly ask this in the name of Thy Son, Jesus and out of the great love for Him and the most Blessed Sacrament according toThy most pleasing will. Amen,

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